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to PassKeeper the application that helps users to manage their sensitive information. It is compatible with the most popular password management software KeePass.

Using PassKeeper, a user can view, edit and import KeePass KDBX files.

The trial version features small ads and does NOT include the following functionality:
- DropBox Upload
- Choosing Icons for Groups/Entries
- Database Search
- Database Merge
- Background/Foreground Colour Settings
- Password Generation Settings

- Create new database file.
- Add/Edit/View groups, entries and custom fields.
- Icons for groups and entries
- Download/Upload KDBX files to your DropBox account
- Download zipped KDBX file from a web location.
- Password generation with extensive customization options
- Search for entries with many options, including regular expressions
- Merge two databases with the same master key
- Rename database
- Background/Foreground colour customization

Download it here:


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